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Has their relationship turned into a circus?

The deck used here is:
Tarot of the Zirkus Mägi by Doug Thornsjo      

The spread used here is:

Client: Male

Question: Will my relationship with my girlfriend workout?

Querent's position in the relationship. 
 Angst (9 of blades.) 

The nails in this image are placed close together, and because the weight of a person reclining upon a bed of nails is evenly distributed, these supposed instruments of torture are perfectly safe. Getting onto and off of them is far more dangerous that actually laying on them. Nonetheless they make for a suitable symbol of anxiety. 

His position in this relationship is clearly that of anxiety. Perhaps the relationship with his girlfriend was quickly built on a foundation that felt safe, but once he tested it out, it wasn't as stable as he hoped for. I think that this card symbolizes that he feels like it hurts to be in the relationship as much as it would hurt to get out of it. Maybe the relationship lasted a long time, and for that reason he resents the time he wasted on it?

Querent's partner's position in the relationship. Duchess of Rings. (Queen of Rings.) 

What stands out in this image is the rabbit. The rabbit leaps into our view urging us to be cautious where we stand and where we step next. "Look before you leap" so to speak. 

The Duchess is on a uni-cycle looking confident of her talents, but her arms still out to her side reminding her at any moment she can fall from her seat if she is not careful. 

The stage that she is on is decorated lovely showing her down to earth personality, but it is indeed a bit crowded and not giving her very much room to maneuver around. The smile on her face is also staged, for it has to be imagined first to appear there.

The girlfriends position in the relationship appears to be just as uncomfortable as his. She feels if she stops moving her feet she will fall flat on her face. Her fake smile shows that she is still trying, even if it is hopelessly. 

Basis for the relationship - the past. Opposition. (5 of blades.) 

The two men in this image stand side by side, each of their suits showing the colors of hot and cold. Their body language is showing that each feels the need to protect their own personal space. They are not talking or looking toward one another, but looking directly ahead. 

 The swords around them being 'enablers' of conflict if they were to decide to use them. You can feel the tension as you look at the image. I wonder too if the swords were already used and each is now feeling defeated but unwilling to admit to it verbally?

As for the basis of the relationship's past, it feels like they have long since fizzled out with their romantic feelings toward one another, and are now just living together as room mates, or coexisting. It is as if both are waiting for the next big fight for an excuse to flee the scene. 

What lies between them right now - the present. Winter Quarters. (Ace of rings.) 

The circus is off the road and held safely in their sunny winter quarters. Here is where they regroup and gather their resources and people in preparation for the next years circus. 

This too is where the important staff members decide who goes and who stays or even if continuing the circus is in their best interest.

What lies between them right now in this relationship is their decision to continue on with the relationship or to end it. Maybe even a division of assets between them. 

The future of the relationship. Procession. (3 of batons.) 

The circus parades through town announcing its self to the populace. This is where they make their first introduction to the people and advertise themselves. 

A successful parade is all about appearances and facades. If they look appealing to the crowd, the more spectators will pay admittance to the circus. But if they do not catch the crowds eye, than it could turn out to be a flop. 

If the money isn't there, than the circus can not go on. 

The future of the relationship stand in idle right now. I think that each of them is still trying to maintain a facade in front of their loved ones and family members. It has been a long relationship, and all that is left is to pick whether to go left or right at the end of the road. In relationship to all the cards in this spread, I would say that they should cut their losses while they are ahead. If you truly love someone, sometimes it is best just to let them go. Who wants to live a life dressed up in costumes all the time, and pretending to be happy? How many hours to do you spend putting on make up when you can just be yourself if you let go of the act? If your family members knew that you were this unhappy, the chances are, that they too would want you to make an exit at the next turn. Stop clowning around, and be the person you were meant to be. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Greatest Desires & High School Sweethearts - Reading

Female client. Wants to know if her desire to be with her high school sweetheart will come true?

I have pieced together this spread in hopes that it will shed some light on the subject for her. I am going to call it 'my greatest desire spread.' If you have a high school sweetheart that you are curious about getting together with - let me do a reading for you. Email me and we can discuss details. Only $15.00 USD through paypal.

Is your desire possible to achieve? Ace of scrolls -
This ace says stand fast, sheer determinations and the will to succeed assure your victory. Yes this is a possible achievement.

Is it the best thing for you? 3 of mirrors -
This is the 'do no harm' card. It bodes new romance as long as it does not sacrifice the happiness of someone else.  As long as your high school sweetheart is single, then it will be a good match for you, but if he is not, wait for him instead of trying to break up his current relationship. Think 'Karma.'

If it is attained, will it last? Ace of mirrors -
This card symbolizes a steady flow of creative energy - the two candles. The turtle knows good fortune both on land and in the water. So I would say that this relationship would last if it came together.

Action to take next? Phoenix
This is always a good card to see. It is the dawning of a new day. It symbolizes a time to follow your instincts and intuition. If you do this, there will be a time to reap the rewards. If your instincts tell you to reach out to him gently, then do so. If they tell you just to let him know you are available, then do that. If your instincts tell you after doing so that you need to wait a while, then by all means, listen and wait. If you go against your intuition, it will not be good - so have patience.

Obstacle that may arise? The Weaver
The Weaver sees the world between spaces and darkness, between clarity and confusion, between fear and determination. Her vibrations are in tune with the other side. She helps you sort out chaotic trials and tribulations. If any obstacles arise with this relationship once it is attained, I think that you will get through them with little trouble. It appears that you have already learned many things about being in successful relationships already. Just be aware that people do change over time, and you will indeed have to get to know him all over again, and he will have to do the same with you.

How to get around the obstacle? The Artiste -
The Artiste is a gentle, soft-spoken person sent to inspire you through art, dance, music and poetry. Her painting is your personal journey. In order to make a beautiful painting (journey) you have to take your time and pay attention to details, but don't obsess over them. Too much obsession will keep you from completing your picture! So in order to get around any obstacles that may occur, I suggest tackling them one at a time and not obsessing over them. This too shall pass.

Outcome? 9 of mirrors
The 9 of mirrors is the wish card. You will get your wish. :) Raindrops are falling everywhere, bringing peace, balance, and harmony upon all areas of your life. A very positive outcome.

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Samhain Celebrations with Henry VIII & his Six Wives

Samhain (pronounced /ˈsɑːwɪn/ SAH-win or /ˈsaʊ.ɪn/ SOW-in Irish pronunciation: [sˠaunʲ]) is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the "darker half" of the year.

Samhain is known by most folks as Halloween, but for many modern Pagans it's considered a Sabbat to honor the ancestors who came before us. It's a good time to contact the spirit world with a seance, because it's the time when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest.

Sunset on Samhain is the beginning of the Celtic New Year. The old year has passed, the harvest has been gathered, cattle and sheep have been brought in from the fields, and the leaves have fallen from the trees. The earth slowly begins to die around us.

This is a good time for us to look at wrapping up the old and preparing for the new in our lives. Think about the things you did in the last twelve months. Have you left anything unresolved? If so, now is the time to wrap things up. Once you’ve gotten all that unfinished stuff cleared away, and out of your life, then you can begin looking towards the next year.

As part of this year's Samhain BlogHop, we are asked to think of who we would like to have come sit with us for a spot of tea. I have chosen spirits that I have never met before but whom I feel a deeply rooted connection with; Henry VIII and his six wives. I have chosen 7 Tarot cards that I feel best represent them, and will tell why. Also I have asked each of their spirits a question, and am using the Tarot to relay the answer back to me. Enjoy! 

Henry VIII's first wife was Queen Catherine of Aragon. She had first been wed to his brother Arthur who died not long after their wedding day. She and Henry were married for 24 years before their marriage dissolved. Henry became upset that she could not give birth to a living son, and his attentions then strayed from her. 

I have chosen the Queen of Pentacles to represent her because of the following qualities that she possessed. It is very fitting for her character. 

First and foremost, she was born royalty, and before all other things she was a mother. She loved her daughter Mary with all of her heart, and always did what she thought best for Mary. She also cared for people with equal concern and passion, and in return the people loved her just the same.

She was at home in glorious settings and enjoyed the festivities that her young King constantly surrounded her with. But at the same time, she also found comfort in sewing shirts and doting over him. To some extent she put his needs before her own. She was sensitive and very fertile, although only one of her children lived. 

She had an impeccable intuition, and could discern the outcome of future events before they took place. She was always very in tune with her surroundings, and often called Henry out on his wandering eye. Unfortunately it did her little good, as Henry ultimately cast her aside for someone he thought would give him a son.  

The mountain in the background of the Queen of Pentacles stands for her ever enduring and infinite faith. There were so many challenges that she faced, and in her end she came to the realization that some of them just weren't attainable for her. Her ending was quite tragic. Although her intuition was spot on in predicting her fall from Henry's grace, I think her determination to remain his Queen and keep what she had ultimately separated her from her daughter for good. This left a devastating life ahead for Mary. 

That leaves me with a question to ask her. Queen Catherine, if you had it to do over again, would you have done things differently for your daughter? How?

I used the Steampunk Tarot by Charissa Drengsen to answer these questions.

7 of Pentacles - I take this card as giving up control and doing the next 'right thing' & being satisfied with things the way they are. I am getting the feeling that Catherine in spirit, now realizes that by doing what she did, she made life much harder for Mary and this hurts her to her core. 

7 of Wands - This card to me speaks of her struggle for success in her efforts to remain Queen and to keep her daughters birth right. She knew she was courting danger, and her stubborn behavior truly tested Henry's patience. Instead of gaining stability, she did just the opposite. 

The Sun - This card to me speaks of Catherine's wish to have kept her favor with Henry, and in good sentiment remained at least his friend. She loved him greatly, and feels he may have rewarded her with simple pleasures had she not been so insistent on remaining his one true Queen. She also feels by doing so this would have given her daughter Mary happier memories and a more stable life. 

*sigh - me wiping away a tear. * I have to add here a letter from Catherine to Henry, showing her devotion to him even as she lay dying alone in a dank, damp castle.


My Lord and Dear Husband,

I commend me unto you. The hour of my death draweth fast on, and my case being such, the tender love I owe you forceth me, with a few words, to put you in remembrance of the health and safeguard of your soul, which you ought to prefer before all worldly matters, and before the care and tendering of your own body, for the which you have cast me into many miseries and yourself into many cares.

For my part I do pardon you all, yea, I do wish and devoutly pray God that He will also pardon you.

For the rest I commend unto you Mary, our daughter, beseeching you to be a good father unto her, as I heretofore desired. I entreat you also, on behalf of my maids, to give them marriage-portions, which is not much, they being but three. For all my other servants, I solicit a year's pay more than their due, lest they should be unprovided for.

Lastly, do I vow, that mine eyes desire you above all things.


Henry's second wife was Anne Boleyn. I chose the Queen of Swords to represent her for a number of reason, but first and foremost because she refused Henry's advances for quite a few years before they married. It was a very intellectual relationship before it became anything physical. Henry was a hunter, and enjoyed the chase. In fact, he sent her at least 17 love letters declaring himself her servant & did the unthinkable to make her his Queen. 

Anne had a watchful eye. She was no stranger to speaking her mind, and viewed others injustices as if a person assault against her. Although it was in her nature to be kind, she didn't have the luxury of revealing it to others very often. Many did not like her & still supported the late Queen Catherine of Aragon. 

She was very independent and relied on her own intuition for counsel. She was a well-developed woman and quite skilled in politics. At first Henry liked this, but quickly grew to despise her for it. 

To those who didn't know her well, she was accused of being cold and calculating. But underneath her facade, to those who knew her, she was filled with compassion and sensitivity, unless you were her sister and married without her permission. lol 

She had dark hair, with equally dark eyes, and although quite plain she had a presence about her that would compel people to bow to her even if she were not a Queen. 

Anne was an unlikely match for Henry when considering the circumstances, and when the haze of love began to wear off, her faults were apparent to him. Their first child was not a boy. She dared to argue with him and be upset with him for sleeping with other women. Upon his waking, he realized that he had lost international credibility and became a laughingstock because of his feeling for her. He felt he was bewitched, and he let his paranoia get the better of him. 

Anne's strong will and authoritative personality were no longer admired but loathed by her husband, so he quickly plotted her downfall so that he could take another bride and have the son that he so desperately needed.

Even in her speech upon the scaffold, she upheld her dignity and only said the things that would be in her daughters best interest. I can not imagine how hard it must have been for her to leave behind an infant daughter with a man who was capable of loving his wife one day, and cutting her head off the next.

If I were to ask Anne a question it would be, Queen Anne, if you had it to over again, what would you have done differently?

2 of Wands - This card tells me that she definitely wishes that she could have been more prepared. There were times that she felt so secure in her realm that she never thought about her prospects of falling from Henry's grace. And when she did finally think about it, it was too late.

The Hermit - This card tells me that she would be more humble if given the chance to do things differently. Now in spirit, she realizes that she wasn't untouchable and that speaking her mind wasn't always the better thing to do. She underestimated Henry.

10 of Wands - This card is all about Anne's resentments. She wishes that she would have picked her battles more wisely instead of arguing about everything that upset her. Playing Superwoman and trying to manipulate the outcome of everything was clearly too much for her to handle, and ultimately led to her demise. Henry was the wind, and she was holding on to too many umbrellas! 

* Another sigh, and frowny face. :( * I am adding a small bit of a letter from Anne Boleyn to Henry VIII during her imprisonment in the Tower. It was found in Thomas Cromwell's things, and probably never made it to the King himself. This small piece again shows another woman's devotion to Henry, as well as a plea for him to show compassion for another one of his children in the absence of their mother.

6 May 1536
.... You have chosen me, from a low Estate, to be your Queen and Companion, far beyond my Desert or Desire. If then you found me worthy of such Honour, Good your Grace, let not any light Fancy, or bad Counsel of mine Enemies, withdraw your Princely Favour from me; neither let that Stain, that unworthy Stain of a Disloyal Heart towards your good Grace, ever cast so foul a Blot on your most Dutiful Wife, and the Infant Princess your Daughter: Elizabeth. ....

Henry's third wife was Jane Seymour. I might get some flack for this, but the card I pick to represent her is The Star. I pick this card for several reasons, let me explain.

I do not see Jane as the woman who stole Henry away from Anne, like many obsessive Anne Boleyn fans do. If I were to do that, than I'd have to then look at Anne as the woman who stole him away from his first wife!

Instead I see Jane as Henry's hope. After 29 years of being King of England, she is the one who finally gave him the son that he had longed for. This is worthy of recognition. She gave Henry cause to take heart, be at peace and know that all was well. 

She was Henry's star. She offered him a place of renewal and healing. She was plain, and completely natural in her skin. She didn't try to be someone she was not, nor did she cause him friction and upset. She loved Henry for who he was and the mere presence of her put him at rest. 

She was spiritual and had compassion for others. Unlike Anne, she chose her battles and rarely spoke out of turn. Don't mistake this for weakness either, because it takes a very intelligent, strong willed woman to bite her tongue in most circumstances. 

Although she sought the King's favor and was a political pawn in her families desires, she did bravely seek pardon for those involved in the Pilgrimage of Grace in 1536. But after this she remained mindful of the fate of Henry's first two wives, and retired quietly in a more subservient manor. 

Sadly, Jane was a victim of her time. Twelve days after the birth of their son, poor hygiene and doctors lacking in medical knowledge could not stop her childbed fever, and she died. Her untimely death and her gentle character had an enduring hold on Henry's memory. She was given a solemn state funeral. The king wore black until well into 1538 and waited more than two years to marry again.

If I were to ask a question I would ask: Queen Jane, what was your biggest fear as Henry's wife?

The Star - How ironic is that? The Star shows up, symbolizing to me that she has literally heard my questions. :) She feared not fulfilling Henry's wish of having a son. 

The Lovers - This card tells me that she also feared losing Henry's love. She witnessed his first two marriages and feared that it too could happen to her.

5 of Swords - This card tells me that she was afraid to disappoint Henry. I think also she feared her families ambitions, and the gossip of those around her who disapproved of her being Queen. Ultimately she didn't want to fall from grace. I can only imagine her relief to have given birth to a son!

I am adding this letter that was found from Jane to Henry informing him of the birth of their son Edward.

“Trusty and welbiloved we grete you well. And forasmuche as by the inestimable goodnes and grace of Almighty god we be delivred and brought in child Bed of a Prince conceyved in moost Lawfull Matrimonie betwebe my lord the Kinges Majestye and us.”


Henry's fourth wife was Anne of Cleves. He sent his artist to paint a picture of her so that he could decide whether or not he wanted to marry her, and it has been said that the portrait was not painted to her true image. So when Henry showed up to surprise his soon to be wife, he was in for a shock. Personally, I believe that she was one of the most beautiful of all of them, and that he was just disappointed because she did not recognize him upon his arrival and even seemed appalled by him. It was a shot to his ego.

I chose the Ace of Pentacles to represent Anne because she was smart enough to let Henry annul their marriage, and view it as a fresh new start. Henry was grateful for her cooperation and granted her a generous income and several homes, including Hever Castle. Anne enjoyed an independent lifestyle denied most women, often visiting Henry's court as an honored guest. She improved her status without becoming an emotional heap of a woman. For this she has earned my greatest respect. 

If I were to ask her a question it would be: Queen Anne, what did you truly think of Henry?

Knight of Cups - This card to me represents that she seen Henry as a bit of a dreamer, and a man who was in love with the idea of love. It also speaks of mood swings, and someone who swims against the tide. He was charming and offered an environment of merriment. She liked this about him.

9 of Pentacles - She was thankful for all the generosity that Henry showed to her, but never forgot that he could take it away as quickly as he gave it to her. 

The Sun - All in all, she viewed Henry as a good friend. She had much gratitude toward him and cared for him in deepest sincerity. 

A letter from Anne of Cleves to Henry in response to his wish to annul their marriage. You can hear in the letter her careful choice of words and intellect. 

Pleaseth your most excellent majesty to understand that, whereas, at sundry times heretofore, I have been informed and perceived by certain lords and others your grace's council, of the doubts and questions which have been moved and found in our marriage; and how hath petition thereupon been made to your highness by your nobles and commons, that the same might be examined and determined by the holy clergy of this realm; to testify to your highness by my writing, that which I have before promised by my word and will, that is to say, that the matter should be examined and determined by the said clergy; it may please your majesty to know that, though this case must needs be most hard and sorrowful unto me, for the great love which I bear to your most noble person, yet, having more regard to God and his truth than to any worldly affection, as it beseemed me, at the beginning, to submit me to such examination and determination of the said clergy, whom I have and do accept for judges competent in that behalf. So now being ascertained how the same clergy hath therein given their judgment and sentence, I acknowledge myself hereby to accept and approve the same, wholly and entirely putting myself, for my state and condition, to your highness' goodness and pleasure; most humbly beseeching your majesty that, though it be determined that the pretended matrimony between us is void and of none effect, whereby I neither can nor will repute myself for your grace's wife, considering this sentence (whereunto I stand) and your majesty's clean and pure living with me, yet it will please you to take me for one of your humble servants, and so determine of me, as I may sometimes have the fruition of your most noble presence; which as I shall esteem for a great benefit, so, my lords and others of your majesty's council, now being with me, have put me in comfort thereof; and that your highness will take me for your sister; for the which I most humbly thank you accordingly.

Thus, most gracious prince, I beseech our Lord God to send your majesty long life and good health, to God's glory, your own honor, and the wealth of this noble realm.

From Richmond, the 11th day of July, the 32nd year of your majesty's most noble reign.
Your majesty's most humble sister and servant, Anne the daughter of Cleves.

Catherine Howard was Henry's fifth wife. I really struggled with choosing a card for her. My first thought was 'The Fool,' but then recanted thinking that might be a little harsh. I have been reading a lot about her and am trying to see her in a different light than the normal stereotypical way. I have to remember that she lived in a different time than I do, and things were different back then, but not so different that I can't imagine a young girl being sexually exploited.

Raised in the permissive household of her grandmother, she was a flirtatious and emotional girl who rarely understood the consequences of her actions. She made the mistake of continuing her girlish indiscretions as Queen, and just seventeen months after marrying the King, she was arrested for adultery. 

I have chosen for her The Hanged Man because I truly believe that she had little say over her life. I am beginning to believe that she was abused by those who were suppose to have her best interest at heart. Her sexual explorations were more than likely not voluntary, especially because of the way her alleged childhood love Francis Dereham acted once he arrived at the court. His personality was dominating and aggressive. I feel that any sexual encounters with him were probably forced on her or done in manipulation. I also believe this of her sexual encounter before Dereham. Mannox was her music teacher, much older than her and in a position to control her. She was only about twelve years old.

Another reason I have chosen The Hanged Man is because she was in-between the life she had growing up and the one that the King raised her up into. She enjoyed lavish clothing and gifts from the King, but still sought after the love & proper affections that she never had growing up. It was quite natural to be attracted to younger men, being that the age difference between her and Henry was pretty significant. Who knows if he were even able to perform sexually by then?! Catherine never became pregnant, so it is a possibility.

In her end, she admitted to her guilt of having sexual relations before her marriage to the King and surrendered to her fate. A sad thing to be executed for actions before her relationship with the King, especially since she had been so young and easily manipulated by those much older than her. 

If I were to ask Catherine a question it would be : How did you truly feel about Henry?

5 of Wands - This card to me stands for unrequited passion between them. Perhaps Henry wasn't able to perform in the bedroom; at least this is what I am getting from this card. She had unsatisfied desires. He was much older than she was by this time, and it was very possible.

The Chariot - This card to me represents that Catherine thought Henry was a bit hasty in his decision to have her executed. He had a very perplexed personality and she feels that he easily let others persuade him. His moods were too shifty.

6 of Wands - With this card Catherine's spirit says that Henry stood out in a crowd, and he himself was bigger than life. He was an ambitious man, and commanded the respect of others. He had great pride and wanted to be remembered as a great leader. He had little room for silliness. 

With that said, here is part of a confession from Catherine concerning Francis Dereham. Although we do not know his age at the time, we do know that he was older than Catherine, and it is plain from her words that she was not his only 'wife.' (toy)

“Examined whether I called him Husband, and he me Wife.— I do Answer, that there was Communication in the House that we
Two should Marry together ; and some of his Enemies had Envy thereat, wherefore he desired me to give him Leave to call me Wife, and that I would call him Husband. And I said I was content. And so after that, commonly he called me VVife, and many times I called him Husband. And he used many Times to Kiss me, and so he did to many other commonly in the House…

As for Carnall Knowledge, I confess as I did before, that diverse Times he hath lyen with me, sometimes in his Doublet and Hose, and Two or Thre Times naked : But not so naked that he had nothing upon him, for he had al wayes at the least his Doublet, and as I do think, his Hose also, but I mean naked when his Hose were putt down. And diverse Times he would bring Wine, Strawberryes, Apples, and other Things to make good Chear, after my lady was gone to Bed.”

Henry's sixth and final wife was Katherine Parr. The card that I have chosen to represent Katherine is Strength. 

She was already twice widowed, and childless by the time she married Henry. She was an admirable wife to Henry and a loving stepmother to his two youngest children; Elizabeth and Edward.

She had great compassion and understanding as Henry's Queen, and he even appointed her his Regent during his military campaign in Boulogne. 

She was also very courageous and used her intellect to talk her way out of turbulent religious scrutiny. Her greatest achievements in life were devotional writings that were bestsellers in the 16th century. She also outlived the King, and married another for love.

If I were to ask Katherine a question it would be: When Thomas Seymour (your last husband) began to act inappropriately with princess Elizabeth, how did this make you feel toward him? What is your view of what was really going on between them?

7 of Wands - This card tells me that Thomas was testing his limits with Elizabeth as well as Katherine herself. He was acting precariously and putting all of them in danger.

Judgment - This card suggests that Katherine put her foot down and made him accountable for his actions. This caused great conflict between them, and she found it hard to forgive him.

4 of Wands - She tried her best to give Elizabeth stability and a chance at a happy home life. Unfortunately Thomas was all about personal gratification. 

Hierophant - This card tells me that Katherine stepped in at just the right moment and was able to save Elizabeth's virtue. Elizabeth was sent away to one of her own estates. This was the only way that Katherine knew how to protect her. 

Before sending Elizabeth away, she summoned her and as tradition has it she told Elizabeth, "God has given you great qualities. Cultivate them always, and labour to improve them, for I believe you are destined by Heaven to be Queen of England."

I feel very strongly that Katherine loved Henry's children as her own, and she helped pave the way to Elizabeth's greatness. I'd stand against anyone who claimed different. ;)


King Henry VIII is my Tower card. I picked The Tower to represent him for many reasons.

The first reason being because at age 18 he was crowned the King and he was physically magnificent with more enthusiasm and energy than most of his contemporaries. 

He enjoyed dancing and entertainment. He held countless banquets and tournaments. He enjoyed all physical activities and excelled at most of them. Hunting, archery, tennis, jousting - the king made his court into an endless round of competition and celebration. A true Renaissance King.

He turned his world upside down to divorce his first wife and marry his second. It was unlike any King before him. His personal and political decisions were always grandiose, melodramatic, and played for great effect. What better card to represent him?

Not to mention, all those that came close to him were exposed to sudden upheaval and life changing events. His moods shifted like the wind and his temper exploded like a volcano at different times.

If I were to ask Henry a question, I would have to ask how he felt about each of his wives. So I will draw six cards, one for each of them while asking him this very question. :)

Queen Katherine of Aragon
Wheel of Fortune - I feel that this card is coming up to show that Henry sees Katherine as a special gain but an unusual loss. I think he regrets what happened between them, and is feeling lucky that she stood by him for better and for worse. His spirit can now appreciate her for that.

Queen Anne Boleyn
The Empress - I feel that this card is coming up to show that Henry sees Anne as very resourceful, level headed and charismatic woman. He thought she was beautiful and captivating but a bit more than he could handle. She was the mountain that he needed to conquer and his spirit feels like he accomplished what he set out to do.

Queen Jane Seymour
Queen of Cups - If you look at the woman in this card, her eyes are very captivating. I think that Henry's spirit is telling me that he loved her eyes, and felt that he could see her soul through them. She was his beloved, his friend and the woman who gave him a son. He sees her as a devoted wife who had the same visions and dreams that he did. He liked best that she was emotionally stable compare to the first two wives.

Queen Anne of Cleves
2 of Wands - I see this card as Henry telling me that he thinks Anne was a mature woman who was in harmony with the Universe. She was content with what he offered to her, and was a cooperative partner. He also felt that she did a fine job of holding her own and was geared and ready for whatever life sent her way. A real team player.

Queen Catherine Howard
Queen of Pentacles - This card tells me that Henry thinks Catherine was easily distracted by the promise of material gain. He felt she was dimwitted and could have made a better life for herself if she had not had her head in the clouds. His spirit tells me that she was beautiful but blind. (I can feel his resentment)

Queen Katherine Parr
9 of Pentacles - This card tells me that Henry thinks that Katherine was very balanced and made the best of her complex life. Her personal life and her spiritual life were well-developed. He thinks that they worked well together in creating harmony in the realm. His spirit tells me that she was refined and graceful and offered him loyalty and much comfort at the end of his days. 

I think that all the cards that came up for these questions were remarkably accurate with how I would have thought the answers to be. This was very time consuming, but a lot of fun. I hope you have enjoyed my blog. Stop by and visit again soon. Become a follower if it so moves you. Blessed Samhain! 

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Samhain - The Steampunk Way

Halloween Spread from HERE.  

S = Self (Where I am now)
A = Ambition (Where I would like to be)
M = Motivation (What drives me)
H= Hopes and Expectations (What I would like to achieve)
A = Adjustment I need to make (An area that needs special attention)
I = Idea (to consider)
N = Next step   

I don't like to lay my cards out in odd positions, so I am just going to lay them out to fit in the picture. :)

The Tarot that I used is Steampunk Tarot by Charissa Drengsen. 

The focus of the reading sort of took it's own turn, and is centered around a blooming relationship. 

S = Self (Where I am now) 
2 of cups: This is the card of love and partnership. I am currently opening myself up to allow love into my life again after a long period of being single. I am in the process of taking a friendship with a childhood companion to the next level. I am uncertain of where & when it may occur but remain optimistic. :)

A = Ambition (Where I would like to be)
Page of cups: I am in no hurry, and quite complacent with where I am at the moment. As like the woman in the card, barefoot and enjoying her surroundings. I am allowing my prospects of love to flow naturally and appear as they are suppose to be. I have faith that all will be well.

M = Motivation (What drives me)
7 of wands: Envy, admiration and a little recklessness seems to be what motivate me. I have always danced to my own music in my head, and enjoy shocking others with what I will do next. I think that since I haven't seen my potential new boyfriend in quite some time now, I am aiming to impress him. 

H = Hopes (What I would like to achieve) 
The Star : This card is hope its self. I wish to display all the cheerful fun things that are on the inside of me, on the outside of me. I want a balance of love and essential happiness. I feel that I have been patient and deserve these things. I look forward to being me again, and enjoying my life, but not alone. Instead - in a partnership with a man that I love. 

A = Adjustments (An area that I need to pay attention to)
Queen of swords : This card is about calmness, strength and holding forth. A lot of times I am 'in my own head' and forget to breathe. I over analyze situations. Since this relationship is bound to be long distance for a while, I will have to come to terms with this and find strength. I have not been in a relationship in quite a few years, so I don't see this as being too difficult. I will just have to realign my thinking & remember that men are simple creatures. LOL

I = Idea (to consider) 
Ace of swords : This card is about an idea, a triumph or time of discovery. It reminds me of the raw power that is inside of me, and how I can use it to benefit myself while the relationship is long distance. Mind over matter. (I still have a weight loss goal to accomplish) perhaps our time apart can motivate me to step it up.

N = Next Step
8 of pentacles : There is time for mastery of skill. Self-discipline and staying focused on productivity can result in major achievements both physically and mentally. All will be worth the effort.  :)

June Thru October Lakota Yearly Reading Updates

I did a yearly reading that can be viewed here.

I am going to post what was predicted & what happened. I am a little behind, so I am going to put June - October all on this blog entry. :) Keeping track for personal growth & to determine whether or not I will use this spread again in the future.

June Prediction:
There will be some success and reward this month and a fulfilled wish. I hope it is about money! Decisions will be made, and answers given. Someone new enters my life. Hmmm... this ought to be interesting. :) This months virtue is about generosity.

What happened:
My success and reward for the month of June was getting off my butt and walking daily. I have been a hermit for a few years now, and made it a point to get out daily and drop a few extra pounds. I was successful in losing ten pounds and ten inches total from different areas of my body. No one new entered my life, but I did get in touch with an old friend and we were able to set our differences aside. Generosity was both given and received, not only with my reconciliation with a friend, but also with my being kinder to my body.

July Prediction:
The cards urge me to be cautious this month, they do not say why. This months virtue is about humility.

What happened:
I continued my walking daily, but did not lose anymore weight. I definitely learned to be humble about my bragging!! That and my walking partner likes to talk my ear off me, so I did a lot of listening and not talking. LOL

August Prediction:
A successful contract, or an optimistic offer. Crossing my fingers it's a good job! I will be tempted this month to do something I would not normally do out of extreme boredom. This made me laugh. :) This months virtue is about compassion.

What Happened:
I got a part time job! I was actually offered two of them. I took the one, but not the other because of a sneaky contract and a lot of things in it that made me feel uncomfortable. Out of boredom, I started a new Tarot deck. The virtue of compassion, well ... my daughter had a couple different things going on during August, so I suppose it was about that.

September Prediction:
This month is about taking risks. It suggests some travel along with love and happiness. This has me wondering. This months virtue is about bravery.

What happened:
Bravery - for sure. Getting out of my normal 'hermit' lifestyle and jumping into a job that requires me to be out and around others. I luck out that it doesn't require a lot of being around others though. That way I can take things slowly and work my way up to a job that may be more in the public than this one later. I did some travel to take classes for this part time position. It was fun.

October Prediction:
The end to delays that have been in my life. There will be outings and fun, and partnerships. This months virtue is about love.

What happened:
Outings - only to work. As for fun, I involved myself more with a group on facebook. I have learned a lot and met some great friends. Love - yes! Definitely that. :) My friend whom I spoke of HERE, has professed his love for me, and I am thrilled about it. Crossing my fingers that it goes somewhere. He messaged me and asked if we could make this thing happen before middle aged life took all his hair and teeth. LOL He has a wonderful sense of humor. I adore him for it. Maybe good things are worth waiting for. Delays are finally moving. Perhaps I always knew they would? Maybe that is why I haven't committed to another relationship for so long? *What I have forgotten to tell you is that he has always liked me, but I would not date him for personal reasons. I felt he needed to do a lot of growing up before I gave him my heart. We settled into being best friends instead. Or maybe it was more me who settled? He always wanted more, and I wasn't sure that I did until I wasn't able to talk to him for a year!*

Oh, I met another guy prior to this happening, but I wasn't that into him. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Magician & his Shadow

Tarot Shadow Series
The Magician

Today I am going to talk about the Magician and his shadows when using the Tarot for shadow work. The Magician is the bridge between the spirit world, and the human world. Usually when he makes an appearance in a reading, you have a lot of creative forces present in your life and some major changes are taking place. You have the opportunity to take the power of the Universe and use it to manifest your desires. Usually this card is a strong symbol of optimism, but let us look at the shadows.

In more times than not, The Magician can be about you pushing for changes too soon. Sometimes we just can't find the patience that we need to wait for something so we try to force it to happen now. We can easily imagine this being true when we think of a young girl learning witchcraft. She is eager to get straight to learning how to perform spells, because she wants that guy to notice her now, not later. She has no desire to learn about the history of witchcraft or the 'bad things' that can happen if she casts a spell incorrectly. As a result, she ends up asking how to cast a spell later to get rid of him. LOL

It is one of those, 'be careful what you wish for' things. Details are just as important as the goal its self. 

Another one of The Magicians shadows is feeling superior to others. Like he can do anything, and better than anyone else. There is something about holding a wand that makes him feel majestic and larger than life. He is an opportunist and takes full advantage of his surroundings, making his own self happy despite others. This too can be seen in a young witch, manipulating circumstances to suit themselves. 

If The Magician comes up in reverse and you are doing shadow work, he can possibly be showing his weaknesses to you. Maybe he lacks inspiration and is living his life randomly. His focus is gone and he is just living from one day to the next. Perhaps he is looking for you to help him make a plan for his future.

Just things to consider when doing shadow work. Stay tuned for The High Priestess and the things that lurk in her shadows.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Blessed Mabon 2014

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Blessed Mabon 

The topic for this Mabon's blog hop is about a moment when the Tarot became more to me than just cards, and text book meanings. That moment when the pictures all started to make sense to me. My aha moment! 

Housewives Tarot
I'm not going to lie, this took a bit of thinking. At first I wasn't sure I had an "aha moment" with them. I have been reading these things since I was 13 years old, so my memory bank really had to be weeded out to get to the root of this question. And let me tell ya, there was a lot of stuff in my head! A total "Housewives Tarot" scene over here. If you were peeking in my window, you would have seen the weirdest expression on my face - like a brain strain. The vein popping out of the middle of my forehead and all. ;)

As a young teenager, I had no internet. In fact, it didn't come about until after I was already graduated from high school. So back then, I had like one book that I could use, one deck of cards, and a little white book that came with them. So, I dare say I struggled a bit through my first hundred readings or so. That and the fact that those I read for were my age, and none of us really had too much going on in our lives just yet. Our piggy banks were empty, we had no jobs and our love lives were pretty pathetic too. My dad was pretty set on not letting me date till I was 35, and my friends were pretty much in the same boat. 

It wasn't until about age 19 that our lives were more complicated and we would discover that being an adult wasn't all that it was chalked up to be. At this time I had spread my wings, and moved in with a guy and played house for a while. We were arguing and he suggested that I should go visit a friend for a few days so that we could have some time apart. It seemed like a good option because he really had no place to go himself. I packed a bag, called my friend, and away I went. But all the way there, I felt sick to my stomach. I tried having dinner while I was at my friend's house, but it didn't seem to help any. 

After a few hours of being unsettled, we decided to take out my Tarot cards and do a reading. While shuffling the cards, I realized that I had forgotten my book, and my little white book too. How the heck was I going to read without it? Deciding to continue the reading anyway, I spread the cards out on the bed and looked at them. The first image that caught my eye was the 3 of swords, and of course my heart sank and skipped a beat. The next card that caught my eye was the 7 of swords. I picked up the card and looked at it closely, then described it out loud to my friend. It was that very second that I had an "aha moment." The guy on the card was a thief. He was robbing someone and taking all that he could carry with him, paying no mind to the things he couldn't carry.   

Mosaic Dream Tarot
The cards that appeared thereafter were pretty darn easy to read after that! I knew right then and there that my boyfriend wasn't just taking alone time, but instead he was celebrating my absence with another girl. I confirmed it when my friend took me home. We snuck around to the backside of the house to where my bedroom window was. When I peeked in, there he was - cheating. I won't tell you what happened next because I'm not sure this site is set up for rated - R movies. LOL! But I can tell you that I did take the curtains with me when I left, and I told him he could keep the bed because I'd never sleep in it again. 

So - that was my "aha moment" with the Tarot. Sad as it seems, it was a lesson learned and a whole new way of looking at my cards! After I got over the whole shock of the event, I realized that I really had a gift for reading them, and my accuracy with that one reading boosted my confidence thereafter. 

My Mabon Reading 2014

I found a nice Mabon Spread here. Above is a picture of my reading. I am using my new Mosaic Dream Tarot deck. In the middle I drew a Goddess card to show which Goddess is going to step forth to help me through the Autumn season this year. Eve appeared. :)

Eve is the mother and nurturer of all life. She is the creator of the world and all living beings. Lady of the beast, and steward of all growing things. She represents rebirth and regeneration. She is the primal female creative energy. She creates and sustains life. She is life itself. - This comforts me because I could sure use her creative energy in my life right now!

Position one: What am I harvesting? - 3 of swords.

I am harvesting optimism and the ability to forgive people for past hurts. This is really a big thing for me. I have been hurt a lot, and often because I am such a kind hearted person. I have been carrying it around with me for years, but it's finally starting to feel like dead weight. I think I am ready to release it now. I am ready to start being more optimistic & accomplish things that I have failed to before due to lack in confidence.  

Position two: What projects are coming to fruition? - The Sun rx.   

I have experience setbacks that have damaged my enthusiasm in the past, but I feel this card is illuminating a path to turn things around for myself. I have some projects in mind, and this just might be what I need to bring forth the fruits of my labor. Since I never view the sun as a negative card, any obstacles that come up can be resolved with a little effort. 

Position three: What should I be most thankful for this past year? - 3 of wands rx.

I attempted to embark on a journey that became a little overwhelming to me this past year. After working along with it steadily, I felt like I wasn't getting where I wanted to be fast enough, so I stopped in the middle. This card is reminding me that I made it to the "middle" and even if I restart, I will be able to pick up where I left off instead of starting from the beginning again! I need to be thankful for how far I did make it, and be proud of myself for the effort that I made. It wasn't easy.

Position four: Where do I need balance in my life? - 3 of pentacles. 

More planning and organization! Who doesn't need this? I fear a lot of the time, I am not using my minutes wisely or getting enough done in a day. I procrastinate terribly. 

Position five: What preparations do I need to make for winter? - 6 of cups.

Since I have been redecorating my home, and trying to get into a more healthy life style, I feel this card is telling me to find my inner child that makes me happy, and bring her forward. I feel this card is urging me to do so because winters in NY can be very cold and isolating. Without my inner child, depression can easily take over again. By finishing up my plans to redecorate, and become more physically healthy I will be helping myself to keep that fun loving, happy inner child feeling alive. This makes a lot of sense to me. 

This reading has given me a lot to think about. In the meantime, I hope all of you who are here visiting my blog today have yourselves a blessed Mabon! Celebrate with wine. :D  

image from

Other Names: Autumn Equinox, Harvest Home, Pagan Thanksgiving
Date: September 21 (there about)
Celebration of: The God now sleeps within the womb of the Goddess
Colors: Dark Brown and Red
Symbols: Harvest Foods
Notes: Second harvest festival. Celebration of thanks for the crops that were harvested. Dark overtakes the light.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Fool & his Shadow

Tarot Shadow Series
The Fool

I thought I would start a little series on Tarot Shadows. Each card has it's 'good & bad' side, the same as each person having their light & dark sides. 

When we learn to accept that we have these various sides of ourselves, we begin to make sense of our lives, and can live them more fully. 

Want to know about the sides of yourself that you need to fix or become conscious of? Shuffle your Major Arcana, and draw a card. I will be listing the different 'shadows' of each of the 22 cards in this series helping you identify with your selected cards. 
I am only going to list opposing sides of the cards, and not get into too much detail during these posts, but if you would like to know more about Tarot Shadow work, I highly recommend this book: "Tarot Shadow Work: Using the Dark Symbols to Heal" by Christine Jette.  

I want to start with The Fool.  The Fool's soul purpose is trusting life. He has ventured out on his own, beginning a new phase in his life. He is excited to start something, and views his life as an adventure. He trusts that things will turn out the way that they are suppose to. This is the part of him that is still innocent and positive. But there is a shadow side of him.  

The shadow or the darker side of The Fool is that he really is a bit gullible. The idea that he only has a small pack of clothes on his back and believing that things will 'just be okay' for him, makes him a bit irresponsible.

Is he just expecting that he can stop wherever he feels like it, and sleep rent free on someone's couch? Does he think that other's will supply him with what he needs when he opens up that little pack of clothes, and realizes that he doesn't have enough in it? 

What about feeding his seemingly domesticated dog? He can't possibly have all that he needs for this venture. Does he think he can just stop along the way, work for the day to earn money and then travel on after he gets what he wants? This would certainly be a lack, or even a fear of commitment too. I can't imagine The Fool caring about much else but himself. 

In a reading, if The Fool comes up in reversal during shadow work - he might even be too serious at times. Maybe he has trouble connecting to his inner child, and doesn't have enough fun in life. Maybe he is too afraid to take risks, and his life never goes anywhere.

These are all things to consider if you use the Tarot for shadow work. Each of the majors will be discussed in this series. Stay tuned, for The Magician next. :)

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Hump Day !!

Happy Hump Day All !!

I pulled a quick reading for you. The beginning of the week may have you feeling disoriented or full of regret, but the sun is here to lend a little energy to help you through the rest of the week. It reminds you to do something nice for yourself, even small pleasure can be big with rejuvenation! The ace is proof of that. A cup full instead of half empty! :)

Above is the Mosaic Dream Tarot by yours truly.

Blessed Be.

Aren't I crafty? :)

Reading By Bridgett

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mosaic Dream Tarot - NOW AVAILABLE

Mosaic Dream Tarot is now Available for purchase in my Etsy Store. CLICK HERE

30 Questions About Me & Tarot

30 Questions About Me & Tarot 

1. Who or What introduced you to Tarot?

I first became interested in Tarot at the age of 13 when I was gifted my first deck from a neighbor who read the cards herself. She was the first witch that I had ever meant before, and I thought she was courageous for admitting so openly.

2. What was your first deck?

My first deck was The Rider Waite deck by Arthur Edward Waite. Nothing fancy, but it was gifted to me and opened me up to a new world and offered less conformity than the "Christian" life that I was dabbling with.

3. What is your favorite deck & why?

I have several favorites, but my newest favorite is The Housewives Tarot. I love decks with collage in them and vintage images. This one is really awesome & I wouldn't be without it again. It is fun and very easy to read with. Most women can relate to the images and openly share a laugh or two talking about them. 

4. How long have you been reading Tarot?

Since I was 13. :) I am now 36. I'm not going to do the math for you because it makes me feel old to say that number out loud! 

5. When & where did you perform your first reading?

At my friends house. We were young, boy crazy - giggling teenagers. I was at her house for a sleep over and we did readings all night for one another. It was a lot of fun. Might I mention that we were both full of sugar and up way later than her mum wanted us to be!

6. What was the first spread you learned & do you still use it?

The Celtic Cross & No, not often. I don't have a specific reason. I just prefer not to.

7. What is your favorite card & why?

The sun. Looking at it always makes me feel warm & reminds me to find something to smile about.

8. Which card do you dread pulling & why?

3 of swords - because it hurts!

9. What card comes up for you most in personal readings? Why do you think this is so?

9 of swords. I am an insomniac. I stay up way later than I should, and I never stop thinking. 

10. What card best represents your personality & why?

Justice - I am a Libra and I can see both sides to every story without judgment. I always do what I think is best for all sides. And The Hermit - because I spend a lot of time alone, in deep thought.

11. Which spread do you use most? Why?

7 day spread - as a weekly reading for myself. I journal about it.

12. Have you created your own spread before?

Not literally, but I have tweaked a few to suit my needs.

13. Is there a card that always stumps you when you draw it?

Yes - I admit, I am still hung up on court cards. 

14. What is your most frequent purpose for using Tarot?

Daily or weekly readings.

15. Text meanings or intuition?

I use both. I learned the meanings from text books, but now I read them by what the pictures say to me. I only use the text meanings when the cards do not give me anything else to go on.

16. Do you ever just use the Majors?

Yes - There are a few different spreads that I only use the Majors with.

17. Do you do readings using reversals?

Yes - always.

18. Which deck do you feel most drawn to & why?

The Steampunk Tarot by curlycue design - the images are racy and pull me into a different world.

19. Do you feel that the cards have their own consciousness?

No, but I believe that they are in tune with my own energies & offer up cards that I need to see to provide accurate readings for myself and others. They are just tools to my own consciousness. 

20. Do you read for others?

I do !!

21. How do you feel when you do readings?

I love doing readings, especially for others. It makes me feel like I am making a difference in someones life.

22. Do you charge money? Why or why not?

Yes - I believe that my time is worth money.

23. What question do you most ask the Tarot?

What do I need to know?

24. How accurate have your readings been?

My readings are very accurate when asked a question. General readings are irritating. I don't like it when asked to do them because I feel that the client is "testing me" instead of getting answers that they truly seek and want to know. I can't help you - if you can't help me!

25. What was the most dramatic reading you have ever done?

( We are now friends & I have permission to say minus a name ) I read for a lady who was in grief and wanted to know if she would soon find an end to it. When I pulled the cards, I realized straight away that her child had been taken from her and murdered. It was very difficult to say out loud what I was seeing - but I felt relief when she admitted that I was correct in my visions. It was an unfortunate thing for her, and it made both of us cry. But the reading helped her to see what she needed to do to move on and live her life instead of being caught up in her horror. I was able to validate her feelings for her and bring her comfort.

26. Have you ever done a reading that you regretted doing?

Yes. The cards told me that my boyfriend was being unfaithful to me. This caused me to investigate things and find out that they were accurate. The relationship ended. I only regretted it for a little while. Now I am glad that I got out of a toxic relationship like that one. If a man can't make me his only, then I don't want him!

27. Do you have a special time or place where you use your Tarot?

Yes. In the morning, while sipping coffee at the table.

28. Does anyone you know not agree with you using Tarot?

Yes - my whole family. They are afraid of what they do not understand and they are not willing to open their minds to it. I just live my life my way, and they live theirs- their way.

29. Have you had a Tarot Mentor?

Yes. The girl who gave me the cards taught me a bit how to use them & provided me with material to help me on my journey with the cards. :)

30. Do you practice any other form of divination? What?

Sometimes I use oracle cards, but yes - I love reading lenormand cards. :) I also use a pendulum and astrodice. 

Blessed Be.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice 2014 - Joy with Tater Salad

Summer Solstice 2014 BlogHop 
For this blog hop, the theme is: joy. What are you joyful about? What brings light to your heart? How do you spread joy to others?

While trying to come up with something that brings me joy, it was very difficult to pick just one!! 

Instead of stating the obvious - my children, my friends, and the warmth of the sun - being that I live in the tippy top of NY and winter lasts about nine months out of the year here; I have found the one thing that is inside of me that no one has ever been able to take away. 

See, my kids go to their father's every other weekend, some of my friends come and go, and the sun doesn't always bring me warmth! 

But deep down inside of me is this precious gift that belongs to me and is part of me. It shows its self to me no matter where I am and it enhances every aspect of my life in some way. This gift I speak of is in all of us, but more prominent in some than others. So what is it? It is IMAGINATION, and there is no end to its generosity in my existence. 

Whether it be putting pencil to paper and crafting an artistic drawing, or filling up pages with as many words that I can type in thirty minutes, it brings me joy. From the moment I open my eyes in the morning til I close them at night, my gift of imagination fills my life with color and beauty. My conversations with people are enhanced with humor and wit. My ability to close my eyes and meditate brings peace to an otherwise stressful environment. My fabricated, written stories not only bring happiness into my own life, but also touch the lives of those who read them. My imagination encourages me to step outside of the box and create wonderful works of art that I share with people all over the world in one form or another. These works of art even offer me a supplemental income that helps me keep a roof over my head when times are tough. 

I have been reading cards since the age of 13 and now at age 36, I have finally let myself express this love by creating inspirational decks for others to use in their practice. When I sit down to create them my entire body experiences a meditative, relaxed state and my heart is filled with so much joy that I am bursting at the seems with imagination. If you would like to see my creations, you may do so HERE

On those days when my heart feels heavy, and I can't stand one more second of it, I take out my set of paints and add some imagination with them. At the end of an hour, I am redeemed and whole again! Imagination helps me enjoy all the other joys in my life - ten fold. :)

If anyone wants to get in touch with their creative spirit & imagination, I found this great Summer Solstice Craft idea HERE.

Now for a quick Summer Solstice Tarot Spread...

1. What do I need to Harvest? (Justice) -
I need to learn how to be fair to myself & to stop judging myself so harshly. I am my own worse critic. I also need to learn to manage my time more wisely. Some of my projects need my attention, but I do not give them the proper amount of time because I procrastinate! ha.

2&3. What tools do I need to use? (Hanged Man) -
Apparently a good set of scissors! LOL This will enable me to cut myself down and stop hanging around in areas that absorb my energy & time. I need to let go of things that are not important, and pay more attention to the things that are. Being in limbo is not doing me justice. ;) 
Perhaps it might even be wise for me to stop involving myself in too many projects at once. Learn how to delegate some tasks to others.
(Chariot) -
I need to assert myself a little more in appropriate areas of my life and to learn to hone in on the things that will be most beneficial to me. Up until now, my life has had very little direction. This reading is telling me that I need to pick a direction and go with it instead of trying to go both at once!

4. What will this harvest bring into my life? (Death) -
Major transformations! I can put an end to my struggles and find new hope for me and my children, living a purpose filled life. :)

Summer Solstice Correspondences:

Keywords: Power, leadership, authority
Element: Fire
Direction: South
Cycle of the Wheel The Goddess gives birth to the Dark Twin and so becomes the Mother Goddess. In turn the God is now the God King and they enter into a formal sacred marriage in which he promises to lay down his life for the Goddess, the land and her people. The God reaches his height of power and God and Goddess are equal at their coronation.
But by the end of the day the God knows that henceforward he will grow weaker.
Energies: The high turning point as full power begins to wane from this day
Symbols: Brightly-coloured flowers, oak boughs or tall broad indigenous trees, golden fern pollen that is said to reveal buried treasure wherever it falls, scarlet, orange and yellow ribbons, gold coloured coins and any gold jewellery that can be empowered at the festival, any golden fruit or vegetables.
Animal: Bear
Tree: Oak
Incenses, flower and herbs: Chamomile, dill, elder, fennel, lavender, frankincense, orange, marigolds, rosemary, sage and sagebrush, St. John’s Wort, lemon verbena and vervain, any golden, red or orange flowers
Candle colours: Red, orange, gold
Crystals: Amber, carnelian or red jasper, sun stone; also sparkling crystal quartz spheres

Thanks for visiting my blog! May you and your imagination bring you joy this season.
Blessed Be